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Christmas Quote

March 20, 2009

Santa Claus has the right idea.  Visit people once a year.
– Victor Borge


Christmas Quote

March 7, 2009

Wish you all A Merry Christmas,
May the Joys of the season
Fill your heart with goodwill and cheer.
May the chimes of Christmas glory
Add up more shine and spread
Smiles across the miles,
To-day & In the New Year.
-Rosie Cash

Chistmas Quotes – Christmas is a Race

December 24, 2007

Christmas is a race to see which gives out first – your money or your feet.
– Unknown


December 21, 2007

Christmas won’t be Christmas without any presents.

Louisa May Alcott


December 18, 2007

Isn’t it funny that at Christmas something in you gets so lonely for – I don’t know what exactly, but it’s something that you don’t mind so much not having at other times. 

Kate L. Bosher


December 13, 2007

Christmas is a bridge. We need bridges as the river of time flows past. Today’s Christmas should mean creating happy hours for tomorrow and reliving those of yesterday.

Gladys Taber, 1899 – 1980

Honor Christmas

December 12, 2007

I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. 

Charles Dickens


December 10, 2007

Christmas is the season for kindling the fire of hospitality in the hall, the genial flame of charity in the heart. 

Washington Irving

Christmas Tree

December 9, 2007

Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree.  In the eyes of children, they are all 30 feet tall. 

Larry Wilde, The Merry Book of Christmas


December 8, 2007

May Peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through! 

Author Unknown