Funny Jokes

more fast thinking

This young guy was working in the produce section of the supermarket, and an older guy comes up: “Young man, I’d like to buy a half of a head of lettuce.” “Gee, sir, we don’t usually sell it that way. Let me ask my manager.”

He goes into the back room and yells, “Hey, Mr. Benwa, there’s some jerk out here who wants to buy a HALF A HEAD of lettuce.” He turns around, and there’s the customer right at his shoulder. “… and this fine gentleman would like to buy the other half.”

After the satisfied customer leaves with his half a head of letuce, Mr. Benwa says, “That was some fast thinking, son. Where did you learn that? Where did you grow up?”

“Aw, ’tweren’t nuttin. I grew up in Moose Jaw. It’ s little town up in Canada. It’s not famous for anything except that everybody there is either a prostitute or a hockey player.”

Mr. Benwa glares at the kid: “I’ll have you know that my WIFE comes from Moose Jaw.” “Gee, that’s great! What team did she play on?”

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